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I'm not skilled in drawing, so why do I have a deviantART? that, my dear friend, is a good question...I like to draw, and I like looking at other people's drawings (how could I not when I was introduced to the wonderful world of Japanese animation?) but I cannot draw more than very odd (queer?) stick figures. I know my limitations, and I try to outrun them, but they still seem to creep up on me, like a hentai dude stalking some girl in a park... Either way, I will probably not post many drawings, if any. D= Me and muo-li go WAYYYY back. She is my AWESOMEST Chinese, same grade since fourth grade, younger than me (haha)friend. I know you're asking, "Is she your only 'Chinese, same grade since fourth grade, younger than me (haha)friend'?" the answer to that question is "HAI" or "yes". =D I absolutely adore my friends, and that leads me back to the first question in this entry: why do I have a deviantART? It's cuz of my friends, that is true (= I will strive towards drawing a decent picture that won't burn out the eyes of the viewers b/c! Let's work together to build up the less fortunate group of artists so they (myself included) can learn to draw better!


United States
I am not an artist... I'm sorry...but I DO like viewing your AWESOME drawings and WILL comment/compliment/mercilessly insult(not) your drawings (= I'm a little too scared to draw...but I do poetry (that's something, right?) My friends are too good T_T On another note, I am an OTAKU (I'm sorry) I absolutely love my shoujos (I'm sorry) Please forgive me for being selective (I only read romance mangas, although I watch almost any anime)


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